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„EaP Security Forum” is a civil society initiative designed to engage nongovernmental and governmental experts from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine in a joint effort to strengthen security resilience of their countries in the areas of cybersecurity, intelligence reform, offsetting hybrid threats, and strengthening the national defence by advocating reforms, policies, and laws in line with the EU standards.

It aims to become an Eastern Partnership platform of sharing information, knowledge and expertise on the best reform and cooperation practices in the areas of cybersecurity, intelligence reform, offsetting hybrid threats, and strengthening the national defence.

The initiative is implemented by the Foreign Policy Association of Moldova with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), in partnership with the Georgian Center for Strategy and Development and the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”.


Foreign Policy Association of Moldova (APE) is one of the leading foreign policy think-tanks in Moldova. The Association is committed to supporting the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union and facilitating the resolution of the Transnistrian conflict in the context of the country’s Europeanization. APE was established in 2003 by a prominent group of local experts, public figures, former government officials and high-ranking diplomats, who decided to contribute through their experience and expertise to the development of a coherent, credible and efficient foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova.

office@ape.md | www.ape.md | @APEMOLDOVA | @ape.md

Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD) is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization. Since its establishment, GCSD has directed efforts towards supporting Georgia’s and regional sustainable, democratic development by embedding values of respect, impartiality, accountability, fairness and transparency in all interventions and undertakings. Over years GCSD has distinguished itself as an outstanding local think-tank. the organization has carried out number of research activities and issued remarkable publications, covering variety of topics. GCSD is the first Georgian organisation to establish a unit within its structure fully dedicated to research of topics related to terrorism, violent extremism, and radicalisation. The Terrorism Research Center (TRC) of GCSD aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of the Georgian society regarding the above stated phenomena and to design and implement projects that help minimise the threat thereof.

gcsd@gcsd.org.ge | www.gcsd.org.ge | @GCSDorg | @GCSDorg

Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” is a network-based non-    governmental analytical center, the goal of which is to participate in providing democratic ground for developing and implementation of foreign and security policies by government authorities of Ukraine, implementation of international and nation-wide projects and programs, directed at improvement of foreign policy analysis and expertise, enhancement of expert community participation in a decision-making process in the spheres of foreign policy, international relations, public diplomacy. The Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism” is offcially registered as a non-governmental organization in 2015, while analytical work and research had been carried out within the network of foreign policy experts “Ukrainian Prism” since 2012. At present, the organization united more than 15 experts in the sphere of foreign policy, international relations, international security from different analytical and academic institutions in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Chernivtsi.

info@prismua.org | www.prismua.org | @prismUA | @PrismUA

Representation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the Republic of Moldova aims to make a unique contribution to the promotion of democracy, the rule of law and a social market economy. We cooperate with governmental institutions, political parties, civil society organizations and handpicked elites, building strong partnerships along the way. In particular we seek to intensify political cooperation in the area of development cooperation at the national and international levels on the foundations of our objectives and values. Together with our partners we make a contribution to the creation of an international order that enables every country to develop in freedom and under its own responsibility.