RFE/RL: Protests Erupt In Russia, Worldwide Against Moscow’s Invasion Of Ukraine


Protests erupted in Russia and around the globe on February 26, with thousands taking to the streets in support of Ukraine, which is facing the third day of an all-out invasion of Russia forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy thanked Russians who have opposed the war that their president, Vladimir Putin, has ordered on their neighboring country and urged them to call for an end to the invasion.

“I want the people of Russia to hear me,” he said in a video address. “Absolutely everyone.”

“[There are] thousands of dead [Russian] soldiers, hundreds of prisoners of war who don’t understand why they sent them to Ukraine, sent them to Ukraine to die and kill others. The sooner you tell your leaders that the war needs to be immediately stopped, the more your soldiers will survive.”

Full article available at: https://www.rferl.org/a/russia-ukraine-protest-georgia-invasion/31725406.html?fbclid=IwAR3nBa2FWDwvTAZRJEgA4J8FHs5EhAdkiycWPb7I8IlAHMvCfp1RVKUSE7w